Deckled Edge Press - Demonstrations


We offer small (4-6 people), personalised Introduction to Wood Type Letterpress and Introduction to Lead Type Letterpress workshops a couple of times a year.

Working alongside each other, with close supervision and access to presses, participants select type, set type, lock up a chase, ink up a press, proof their work and print. Participants also learn about the history of letterpress printing.

In addition, we also schedule a series of allied workshops including book making, embossing and artists’ books.

Would you like to join us at a workshop?

We are planning to start workshops again in August 2020, paying attention to guidelines and rules around social distancing and gatherings; and we are soooo looking forward to it!  We have a full schedule planned and will be sending out information to newsletter subscribers before promoting here on the website; so sign up and be an early bird! 

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Deckled Edge Press - Demonstrations


To share our love of the traditional forms of letterpress, Deckled Edge Press offers demonstrations. At these events, we bring along one or two of our presses; take you through the history of letterpress printing, demonstrate how lead type is locked together in the chase and offer everybody a chance to print.  Demonstrations usually go for 2-3 hours, but can be tailor made for your group.

We also offer demonstrations at our studio in Maleny. If you’d like to find out more – please get in touch HERE.

Deckled Edge Press - Demonstrations

Studio Access

We understand how you might love letterpress printing and become proficient at it; yet not be able to afford the time, space or money to set up your own press and studio space.

For experienced letterpress printers we offer access to the studio, the type, and the presses.

Access is via negotiation and dependent on ability and availability.

Do get in touch with us if you are interested.

Deckled Edge Press - Demonstrations

On Show 

We are thrilled that our joint letterpress book “We are Sorry” is a finalist in the prestigious 2020 Libris Awards. Given the Virus, judging and announcing is happening virtually.  You can log in to Artspace Mackay’s Facebook page for a live judging announcement at 4.30pm on Monday 13 July 2020. For full details see here. In the meantime, make your own choices by checking out the full colour catalogue here.

The Studio is open to the public Thursday-Saturday, 10am – 4pm. We work there at other times, so if you see our banner out the front, feel free to drop in.

You can also contact us via email or phone if you are nearby and would like to stop in and see the studio and our work.